From Police Officer to Open Source Devotee: One Man’s Story

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When I was younger

I guess you could call me an “accidental technologist.” Growing up, I never intended to work with computers. When I was younger, I actually only tinkered with PCs at home or at friends’ houses because you had to learn how to edit the config files on DOS to free up enough memory so that games could have 512k memory to run. You had to understand what a device driver was, how to install it, and how to add it to the CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files to have a working mouse on the console. I also learned about interrupts, IO addresses, and DMA channels from configuring things like ISA SoundBlaster cards with jumpers and DIP switches. Without meaning to, or even realizing it, I had a pretty decent understanding of personal computers. I was not a programmer, not by a long stretch, but I could get computers working pretty quickly. And I loved automating things in batch files. The power of scripting was clear.

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